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Primary school pupils run for Better Time Stories

Last summer, children attending public primary school OBS De Knotwilg in Nieuwpoort-Langerak held a sponsor run. With a wonderful amount raised, the students wanted to give something to the Ukrainian children who fled the war in their country.

On November 2, Frans Pannekoek from Better Time Stories held a presentation for all children, about what the money from the sponsor run will be used for. The amount raised of 3,000 euros helped 1,000 interactive books get to 200 families.

In this way, the students of OBS De Knotwilg hope to have given some light into the lives of Ukrainian refugee children and reconnect them with each other.

How does it work?

Fathers and other family members in Ukraine record the books via a sent link on their phones. Those recordings can be listened to by the child wherever they are at any time and as often as they want. Just as if they were read to them live. All the beautifully illustrated books can be read and listened to in two languages, Ukrainian and the language of the host country (in this case Dutch).

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