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Shipping update December 2022

Updated: Feb 21

A lot has happened since the official launch of the books. The Better Time Stories team has worked hard to match requests with donations and make sure all those families received a book set.

What are the current numbers?

The majority of the orders come from Germany, followed by the Netherlands. Thanks to the support of all donors and sponsors, we have brightened up the lives of more than 1400 families staying in the Netherlands. This month we also ship our first order to Germany thanks to the municipality of Dresden, which donated books to 96 children in their city. The regular shipments will resume in the first week of January. This flow has been automated thanks to our partners eFulfilment Europe, PostNL and DHL. As a result, we do not have to carry the boxes to the post offices ourselves anymore!

There are still a lot of families out there interested in a Better Time Stories book set. Here you can see an overview of the requests for books coming from different countries:

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