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Young readers & Better Time Stories books

Updated: Feb 1

Better Time Stories has been lucky enough to receive some stories and photos from families that received a book set and have been enjoying the stories. Curious what they think? Make sure to read below!

Alla and her daughter Olivia (6) had to move here because of the war. For the first time in their lives, they had no idea what to expect, what to do, where to go. They see Olivia's father, who had to stay behind, on FaceTime. Calls don't always get through because of electricity problems back in Ukraine.

Before Olivia goes to sleep, we can hear her dad’s voice because of these books. It’s very soothing for both of us

- Alla, Olivia's mom

Lev (3) loves reading the books with his host family. The other kids read it in Dutch, he reads it in Ukrain. Together they teach each other words in the other language, which often makes them laugh.

Comforting stories narrated by grandpa under the Christmas tree.

There are still a lot of Ukrainian refugee children separated from their loved ones, whom we would love to provide a book set. This accounts to more than 6000 requests at the moment. A donation of €15 helps to give one Ukrainian refugee family a welcome set of five books, reconnecting them to home and helping them learn the local language.

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