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Better Time Stories in the media #2

Last month, Better Time Stories was again highlighted by various news media. This time not only in an English-speaking country, but even all the way in Norway! Curious what was said? Then read (and listen) below!

The National News Beyond the Headlines (United Kingdom) - English

Title: 'Ukraine War anniversary: Uncertainty, coping and bedtime stories'

Listen to the podcast here

"On the 24th of February they bombed near our house. It was very scary, this day felt like a month. It was such a long day. We were scared sitting at home, no idea what to do. Scared to run, scared to stay. It were a very scary two weeks of my life. I almost didn't sleep. We decided to leave the city because it was so dangerous to stay there." They are both now safe now. But 6-year-old Olivia still had trouble sleeping without her father. "When we lived in Ukraine, my husband always read to my daughter. When we came in the Netherlands, we didn't have this possibility". She found out there was a way her daughter could still connect with her dad. An app called Better Time stories that gives access to separated families to tell bedtime stories to their children, who are now refugees."

NRK News (Norway) - Norwegian

Title: 'Here, children in Germany listen to their father in Ukraine reading fairy tales to them'

Read the article here

"Their father is almost 2,000 kilometres away, in a country at war. At night, his two children hear him read to them. As winter approached, the bison asked the other animals where he could find food, Marta and Misha's father reads. The two children have fled the war in their homeland and live in Langenfeldt, Germany, north of Cologne. Little sister rests her head on big brother's belly as they listen. Dad is almost 2,000 kilometres away, but his voice is with them. "It almost feels like we are all together," says mother Rita."

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