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Better Time Stories in the media

Updated: Feb 21

Media coverage plays an important role in creating more awareness around Better Time Stories and reaching both Ukrainian families and possible donors. Around the turn of the year, multiple big media outlets from different countries shared the message of Better Time Stories. From the United Kingdom to Canada and the Netherlands, in the form of various formats: more people have heard about the initiative by now which will hopefully lead to helping more children cope with separation.

CBC, public news broadcaster (Canada) - English

Watch it here

"Ukrainian children who fled the war with their families for the Netherlands are getting a crucial emotional lifeline: personalized audiobooks read by their fathers who had to stay behind in Ukraine to remain ready to fight."

Tijd voor MAX, talkshow public broadcaster (Netherlands) - Dutch

Watch it here

"Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many refugee children have been living separated from their parents. The Better Time Stories organization brings them back together through children's books. Family members who stayed behind narrate the stories for the children. [Dutch] Princess Laurentien is involved in this project and talks about it in Tijd voor MAX."

BBC podcast (United Kingdom) - English

Listen to it here

"Connecting families, separated by war, with a night time message. Millions of children have been separated from their dads by the war in Ukraine but with the help of an interactive story app, the bedtime ritual can continue. We speak to Leila Popovich of Better Time Stories, and mum Alla tells us how the app helps her daughter Olivia connect with her dad in Mykoliav."

The National Herald (paper for the Greek diaspora community) - English

Read it here

"On January 10, the Washington OXI Day Foundation – which honors each year the world’s most courageous with its OXI Courage Award and cash prize – presented the cash prize of 2022 OXI Courage Award recipient Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the Olena Zelenska Foundation children’s book project. The Zelenska Foundation, whose mission is to “restore the human capital of Ukraine,” recently established the Better Time Stories project for child refugees from Ukraine."

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